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Frequently Asked Questions.

What happens with delivery under COVID-19 restrictions?

Currently, local South African orders can go out for delivery on 2 May 2020. (This is according to the current information we have but this may change.) Any orders that must go over international borders are on hold for now. It is not clear if restrictions on international deliveries will be lifted on the same date but it seems unlikely. Please watch this space for updates.

How will you protect against COVID-19 spread?

For the time being, we have no employees coming into work. We always made use of part-time workers and will still do the same. We will however handle all goods in the storeroom only ourselves. We will sanitise ourselves and products, pack the orders and let them sit in their boxes or bags for another 24 hours before shipping. This way, you can only sanitise the outside of the box or courier bag when you receive your stock. We are a small, family run business who only have an online store – no physical shop – and therefore no feet travelling through our stockroom.  We only sell via the internet.

Why is the site in USD when you are based in South Africa?  

We found the USD as main currency is the best way to get PayPal working well. Currency convertors also tend to slow the website too much. You can do a simply conversion from USD to your currency in Google if you need an idea in your own currency.

What carrier do you use for orders?

We are using the South African Post Office for international orders and local SA orders. Airmail is the fastest option to choose while normal surface mail can take many months in some cases. Local people also have the option to choose a courier that delivers to your door/office. This is the fastest and safest local method. Delivery can happen anywhere in the country or the world.